Unique Kitchen Renovations for Senior Housing

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Unique kitchen renovation prices are competitive right now.

Kitchen renovation prices are good for projects that can help sell your multi-use housing units to the senior market. Seniors want to downsize but they don’t want to give up a fashionable place to live. Seniors are looking to keep their amenities. Their home renovations are for accessibility and safety. A kitchen reno from Unique Residence can accommodate these needs.

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Kitchen Renovations for Seniors

Kitchen renovation prices on projects for seniors include widening the space for wheelchair and walker accessibility are competitive right now. This is a necessary fact of life. Seniors that are wheelchair bound or even victims of accidents or defect need wider spaces between islands and cabinets, for themselves to navigate or a caretaker to tag along and assist.

In addition to wider, more open spaces, anyone wheelchair or scooter bound also needs lower counters and lower cabinets. Lower cabinets and storage are necessary to avoid reach issues that could cause falls. The more independence you can offer a person, the more independent they will be. Promoting independence in senior living facilities is a task no one takes lightly. This single task could have the most benefit for seniors as they continue to age. Independence also serves to keep their minds and bodies active, as active as they can be.

Unique Residence, home to tried and tested Perth renovators, is here to serve the aging population in the North Perth with good kitchen renovation prices. We have an understanding of the requirements. Your building needs to consider the lives that these seniors are leaving behind. Aging seniors don’t want to go to a place to give up, but to a place where they continue their lives and even find enjoyment.

Bathrooms and Showers

Home renovations for seniors not only include the kitchen, but look at the other spaces as well. Bathroom access is a big one. Bathrooms must be wide enough for the senior and possibly a caretaker when the time comes. Walk-in bathtubs are a great invention. Grab bars, walk or roll in showers provide easy access for those in wheelchairs or walkers. The longer seniors can take care of themselves, the better.  Shower hardware needs to be able to be lowered or raised for the other half of a senior duo.  In addition, lower counter-tops in the bathroom are helpful as well; everything becomes lower when we know that a handicapped person needs accessibility in a space. There is even the possibility to raise and lower items for dual use.

Additional Senior Home Renovation Projects

Many other home renovations are possible. We look into deck and/or balcony updates that allow seniors to have easier access to the outside. Larger hardware on cabinets and doors is more user friendly and makes it easier for arthritic hands can access everything. Using the same hardware as in the kitchen can help keep kitchen renovation prices and other renos down.

Common Area Renovations

Common areas in multi-unit housing buildings should be secure, warm and welcoming. Who wants to meet Grandma or Grandpa in a facility that resembles a hospital? Not too many people consider this until its time. Seniors don’t want to live in facilities like that nor does anyone want to come visit and stay for any length of time. We prefer to make common areas more like home, comfy couches, maybe a fireplace in the lobby. Areas of seating that are comfortable for families and friends to visit and spend time.

Common living room areas on each floor where seniors are still living independently or with moderate assistance are a touch and provide places to visit other than the senior’s bedroom. Maybe even make a cup of coffee, share a lunch or speak to other residents.


At one location, seniors enjoy using the living rooms for puzzles, rousing games of mahjong, cards and gab sessions! Sometimes they listen to music and reminisce about the old times. Making friends in your senior years is a nice way to spend the time you can’t be with family. Many elect to do crafts, make gifts or some just like the company.  Seniors often go to common areas to speak with friends and see what is going on. Either way comfort is a paramount concern.

Building comfortable accommodations for seniors within multi-unit dwellings is a booming construction market. We can guide you in updating an existing building and the various home renovations that will make your building a home for many years to come.

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