Importance of a Licensed Builder

Licensed home builder,
Why is important to have a licensed builder when renovating;

What is the difference between a Licensed Home Builder and a non-Licensed Home Builder? Well, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. Anyone can say that they are a home builder, but not everyone can obtain a license to be a Home Builder. Simply put, Joe the handy-man can claim his home building skills in his yellow-pages ad but unless he can produce a license to back up his claims, references and perhaps a portfolio of clients, keep looking.

Now you may say but my brother is a great builder! He does fantastic work! Great! Good for you! Does your brother know all of the building codes in your local shire? Has he dealt with getting approvals from anyone before? Can he speak authoritatively on the construction of your home and provide plans for the planning committees on exactly how he will perform the renovations? Is he an electrician, a plumber, a builder? Great! Why doesn’t he have a license? What will you do if something goes wrong? Are you prepared to cover the extra costs if he makes a mistake and has to re-do something or worse yet damages another part or system in your home? Ok. Ok. That’s what we thought.

Find yourself a licensed contractor or better yet, allow Unique Residence to provide you with several to choose from that work exclusively with us on each project we run. Unique Residence are specialists in Karrinyup bathroom renovations. We work hard to see that regulations are followed and that each and every desire of yours is met completely. Our final word on the situation…find a licensed contractor for your bathroom renovation.


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Adam Stanley

As a cabinetmaker, Adam gained an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, where a millimetre makes the difference between masterpiece and mediocre.
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