Important Renovation Information For Residents In Perth

A Renovation That Seamlessly Transforms Your House Into The Home You’ve Always Wanted

Bridging old to new in the most efficient, affordable way,
with meticulous design and workmanship, scheduled with
firm start and finish dates for minimal disruption

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Considering Renovating in Perth or the Wider Surrounding Areas?

Discover what you need to know before you start designing your dream home or renovation. Our latest guide reveals secrets to an enjoyable building experience and a home you’ll love forever.

"Other builders do renovations. We do transformations that bring out the very best in your home.”

Adam Stanley,
Owner, Unique Residence

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Yay – we won! While awards don’t tell the whole story, they do say something about the quality and reliability of our work. And they are a well-deserved encouragement to our incredible team!

How To Make Your Home All It Can Be, So You Can Enjoy Daily Luxuries And Feel Proud To Entertain Again

Many people in and near Perth love where they live – the convenient location, the people in their neighbourhood, and the comfort of familiarity. Yet at the same time, they feel frustrated (and even a little embarrassed) about certain aspects of their home.

Perhaps you’d like to add a second living area or master wing. Maybe add an extra room, or change the layout to suit your changing needs. Or add a home office or entertaining area.

The team at Unique Residence has successfully renovated hundreds of homes over the past 7 years -- bridging old to new in the most efficient, affordable way, with meticulous design and workmanship, scheduled with firm start and finish dates for minimal disruption.

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A Renovation That Seamlessly Transforms Your Home From Old To New In The Most Efficient, Affordable Way

Unlike other builders and renovation companies that hurry to start demolition, we take time to fully understand your vision, assess your property, and create a plan to give you the outcome you want in the most efficient, affordable way.

While other companies just focus on the renovation, we honour the character of your original home to ensure a seamless transition, so your renovation looks like it belongs.

And we schedule everything (down to the day) to ensure your renovation runs smoothly and is completed on budget and on time so you can have total certainty.

What Other Perth Renovation Clients Say

We love helping Perth residents get the exact renovation they’ve always wanted. Here’s what some of our clients say about their homes and their experience with our team:


Thanks to Adam and team for the wonderful job. A difficult kitchen renovation removing an old kitchen with bulkhead/flute to a new modern kitchen. Everything ran smoothly and on time. Quality of work was over and above. Thank you for taking the time to answer all my questions and your professional knowledge with renovating. Adam took a very daunting job for me and made it easy and as a result I will use Unique Residence again and recommend them to anyone.

Jennifer C


Just finished a great experience with Adam and his team. The renovations all started at the start of the Covid uncertainty but Adam handled it all very well and in his stride. Adam has a great set of professional tradies working with him which is great.

Due to Covid, we ended up having to live in the house for most of the work but the team were all very professional and respectful.

In the end, great job so thanks Adam!

Greg Seaton


From our first meeting with Adam, we were extremely happy with the Unique Residence service. Our renovation was completed earlier than expected, and the quality of workmanship is first rate. I would highly recommend building with these guys.

Brad Archibald

Is Renovating The Answer?

(And Other Common Questions And Concerns)

Renovating your home is an exciting venture. Yet it’s also a big commitment of time and money. So it’s natural to have some questions and concerns. Like other people looking to renovate their Perth home, perhaps you’re…

Unsure what may be possible (and practical)… and want a builder who can assess your property and advise you on the most efficient and affordable way to bring out the best in your home?

Concerned you’ll go to all this trouble and feel disappointed… and want a builder who takes time to understand your vision, offer expert suggestions, and bring your ideas to life in a renovation that’s even better than you imagined?

Nervous about timeframes… and want a builder who sets and sticks to a firm schedule so you can plan your life with certainty?

Afraid your renovation will look out of place… and want a builder who can bridge the old and the new with workmanship that respects the character of your home and transforms it into all it can be?

Overwhelmed by all the decisions… and want a builder who walks your through all the options (including the pros, cons, and costs) and gives you the information you need to feel confident about your choices?

Worried about variations in price… and want a builder who gives you a fair, fixed price and sticks to it without excuses?

Lots of people thinking about renovating have similar thoughts. That’s why we invite you to book a Free Discovery Call with our founder and Master Builder who will answer your questions and offer advice to help you get the renovation result you want.


Some Of The Things We Do Differently To Give You A Seamless Renovation That Transforms Your Home (And Your Lifestyle)

A quick Google Search will uncover dozens of renovation companies in and around Perth. At first glance, most appear to be similar. But believing so could be the beginning of a disappointing, expensive, experience that includes delays, defects, and budget blowouts. Here are just some of the things we do differently to ensure you enjoy your renovation experience and love your transformed home:

Seamless Design And Construction

Many designs that look good on paper either don’t work in the real world or cost too much to build. Our design team helps you transfer your ideas into a plan that is efficient and affordable to build, so you get more house for your money. If you have your own designer, we will respectfully double check their work to ensure you get the exact outcome you want in the most efficient and affordable way.

Lifesize Plans You Can Walk Through

Picturing your finished home from a paper plan can be difficult. That’s why we project your plan onto a factory floor and invite you to ‘walk through’ and double check the flow of the design. Assess the size of every room and how it will function when you live in it. Where will the lounge go, how many steps will it take to go from the kettle to the fridge, where will all the power points and light switches be? Make changes and compare the difference instantly, so you can be fully confident before building begins.

A Renovation That Brings Out The Best In Your Home

While other renovation companies focus on merely updating the current features and finishes in your home, we take time to fully understand your vision and assess your home for its full potential. Then we draw on our 26 years of renovation experience to find the most efficient and affordable way to achieve the renovation outcome you want. The result is more than renovation – it’s a transformation that truly brings out the best in your home.

Supreme Attention To Detail

Renovating a home involves dozens of trades completing hundreds of tasks. Sadly, too many builders (and their trades) rush to get things done so they can move onto the next project (quantity over quality).

We prefer to take a few minutes longer on each task to ensure everything is done perfectly. While other builders walk offsite feeling proud about finishing 20 minutes early, we finish the day feeling proud of the end result. And we can be confident about this because we double check everything – as we go, prior to handover, and for a full 12 months after you move in.

Better Trades For Better Results

Other builders struggle to find trades. And when they do, it’s more of a transactional relationship based on price. Our trades are more reliable and do a better job because we care for them as people. We respect their skill, show appreciation for their eye for detail, and pay them on time every time. That’s why they take genuine pride in doing their best work, so your home looks better and lasts longer.

Safe, Organised Building Site

Too many worksites are messy, crowded, and unsafe. We schedule trades at precise intervals, so they have plenty of room to move (never getting in each other’s way). We clean up at the end of every day. And we are sticklers for safety. A clean, organised building site leads to more efficient and better-quality workmanship.

Organised Before We Begin

Too many builders focus on signing clients and then hustling to find trades and materials to get the job done. This often ends in delays, budget blowouts, and defects that need to be fixed.

We ensure all material and colour selections, energy assessments, engineering and the finer details are finalised before you sign a contract.

By removing or minimising the use of allowances, it ensures everything is included as requested, and there are no variations throughout the build unless you decide to make a change.

With all this finalised, we are able to deliver a precise works schedule for the progress of your build, and a specific completion date.

We Don’t Always Say “Yes”

Too many people are duped by commission salespeople who say “yes” to everything just to get a contract signed. Then they are devastated to discover the things that are NOT included in the contract and will cost tens of thousands extra. Or by timelines that were never going to happen (“You want to be in by Christmas? No worries [fingers crossed]!”). We tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear. And our contract includes everything, so you know what you’ll get, when you’ll get it, and how much it will cost – exactly.

Fair, Fixed Price

Be careful when comparing advertised prices. Many large builders generate customer inquiries with prices that seem too good to be true. (Hint: They are.) Their customers are devastated when they discover the house they really want (and thought they were getting) will cost tens of thousands more and take months longer. Our prices and timeframes are detailed and fixed, so you can plan your finances (and your life) with certainty.

We Get More Because We Expect More

Given the chance, some tradies will cut corners to get a job done faster. And most builders will accept it because their customers don’t know how to spot the difference in quality. We expect more from our tradies. And we supervise and hold them accountable to ensure we get it (trust but verify). Good enough is never good enough for us. We expect (and get) a premium result. When our team puts their tools away, we will be as proud of your new home as you are.

Deal Directly With The Builder

While other builders have layers of salespeople, account managers, and so-called supervisors, when you work with Unique Residence, you deal directly with the builder. There’s no misunderstandings, excuses, or buck passing. Get immediate answers and action from the owner of the company. Follow your build in real time with your own login to our Project Management Portal. See progress photos of what’s happened today and what’s planned for tomorrow. Transparency.

Solid Company That Delivers On Time Every Time

It’s sad to see building companies struggling financially. And even worse when this affects the delivery of their customers’ homes. But it’s all too common. Drive around any new housing estate and you’ll see half-built homes sitting idle with nothing getting done for weeks and months. This is a sure sign of financial trouble brewing. We are obsessed with scheduling to ensure our projects are organised before we begin and stay on track (to the day) throughout the entire build. That means we make fair profit, and you get your home on time and on budget. Since 2016 our team has completed more than 50 custom homes and renovations – on time — every single time.

A Day With Our Designer To Help With Selections

Choosing selections (colours, cabinets, lights etc.) can be time confusing and confusing. Especially when you’re visiting different stores trying to do it yourself. We make it easy by giving you a day with our designer. You’ll get expert guidance to understand the latest styles, compare differences and qualities, and know where to invest more and where you can save. You’ll have fun and get more bang for your buck with the final result.

Future Proof Your Home (And Your Life)

While other companies tell you what you want to hear, we help you consider things you may not have even thought about. Like how to include (or at least allow for) the technology of the future. Or how to plan for lifestyle changes that may come for you or those who visit your home (e.g. width of doorways, access points with stairs, electricity for lights in future gardens, spots for parking etc.).

Our Best Advice – 100% Free And Without Obligation

Researching renovation options can be time consuming and confusing. Especially when one mistake can leave you out of pocket and disappointed with the end result. That’s why we invite you for a Free Discovery Call where we will answer your questions (even the ones you don’t know to ask), and share our best advice specific to your situation, 100% free and without obligation.

Free Expert Advice To Help You Get The Exact Custom Home You Really Want

Here’s what to expect during your initial meeting:

  • You’ll gain clarity and confidence around the features and finishes you want in your custom home (and expert guidance to help you prioritise your wish list)
  • You’ll uncover common mistakes that lead to delays, defects, and budget blowouts (and things you can do to ensure a smooth, enjoyable building experience)
  • You’ll get an outline of costs to build your home (and advice on how to get more house for your money)
  • You’ll explore ways our team can help you get the exact custom new home you want, for no more than the cost of a generic, mass-produced house

And you can rest easy knowing this is not a sales presentation. On the contrary, you will meet with the owner of the company (not a commission salesperson) and receive expert advice specific to your situation.

Naturally, we’d love to help you build your custom home. Yet in any case, we’re glad to help you with a no-obligation, Free Discovery Call.

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