Home Subdivision Perth: Are you Eligible?

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home subdivision perth

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Home subdivision Perth can be a lucrative way to supplement your income.

So how do I get started?


Home subdivision Perth and WA have an actual government website dedicated to the subdivision process. See www.planning.wa.gov.au once you’re done here. This is a good site, compiled by the Department of Planning and the WAPC (Western Australian Planning Commission). Check the site for some general knowledge, plans, policies and applications.


If you want to work on this yourself, start by checking with your local council, licensed surveyor or town planner to information on permits, certifications and compliance issues in your area. Talk with them about what you are planning and let them figure out if it’s possible for the size of your property.  They will take into consideration the zoning laws and how close you are to the neighbors.

You can do this part yourself if you think you can handle it or you can hire a professional. Given the choice, I’m leaving all this up to the professionals! Unique Residence can create a plan, and do all the applications for you. This way they can plan the most optimal layout for your property and interface with the WAPC on your behalf for your home subdivision Perth project.

Next your application makes stops at various local government offices, the Water Corporation and last but not least, Western Power.

Then the subdivision is conditionally subject to a lot of requirements. They are providing services, demolition and removal if required, covenants, easements and possibly notifications. Are you seeing why I’m going to a professional?


In order to subdivide, you’re going to need new land titles. This requires a survey done by a Registered Licensed Surveyor and allows you to have separate land titles created.

Clearance requests are determined for the many WAPC conditions. Clearances are collected and then filed with the WAPC.

Making it Happen

Project Management

Unique Residence offers Project Management services for this type of project or better yet you could just put the whole project in their hands from start to finish. Let them get the approvals, manage the subdivision process, save you a ton of money and oh did I mention, you get to keep your sanity!

Still we look for the answer to do I qualify to subdivide?  It all depends; and you can find the answers at the WAPC site or by talking to your local planning board. Even if you call in a contractor or consultant, they will need to answer the following questions before proceeding.

  • What are the area R codes or Residential Design Codes…this is the density of housing allowed in that specific area?
  • What are the minimum and average lot sizes?
  • Do you know your block size?
  • What is the Town Planning Scheme? This varies, so you must check.
  • Where on your block are the existing dwellings positioned?
  • What are the minimum lot sizes and frontage requirements?
  • Are there any existing easements on your Certificate of Title?
  • Are there any environmental constraints?

Moving Forward with the Home Subdivision Project

Ok, that’s a lot to think about and digest. Really for the average person, it’s too much! You can research this yourself, but it requires a lot of time and extreme attention to detail.

When I first started the process, I visited a few home subdivisions near me to see for myself what the process looked like. They were all in various stages of completion. It’s a lot to familiarize yourself with in a short period of time. That’s why I suggest hiring a firm specialising in new homes Perth like Unique Residence to deal with everything. This way you can live your life, watch the process and not be stressed!

Finally, in the end you can save money by hiring experts in subdivisions Perth. They know the ins and outs. Mistakes in a project of this magnitude are expensive. Projects like a home subdivision Perth are worth looking into and can be a money-making venture for you and your family, so do yourself and them a favor and hire the right firm from the start. Unique Residence is here to serve.



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