Eco Home Renovations

Going Green – Building with the future in mind

Going green… eco building… eco renovations… maybe you’ve heard all these sexy new buzz words? If not, allow us to introduce you to the ins and outs of Going Green!  Eco home renovations are the way of the future. As the World’s resources become scarcer, people are becoming more and more eco-minded and thinking about the environment. They are for once considering the future and the world they will leave to their children and others that follow after them.

The familiar “Reduce, Re-use, Recycle” of 1970’s is going strong and still in use by those of us in the green movement. What’s involved in eco renovations? What do I have to consider? What should I do first?  In most cases I would suggest research. Yes, research. Check out what it means to “go green” on the web. Look up terms like eco-friendly construction, eco-friendly-renovation, reclaimed, re-use, insulation, for paint, look into low VOC paint. Become familiar with all these terms. Check out antique shops, estate sales and see what is available.

If you’re doing a bathroom renovation, perhaps an antique dresser would make a great vanity.  Eco home renovations are all about going green when it comes to building an environmentally friendly home. 

In any case, research is paramount. However if you are not the type to do the research, but interested in green renovations, you can count on Unique Residence to have done the research needed and produced the desired results. So simply make a phone call and talk to one of our design experts in the field of eco-renovations and we will be happy to discuss eco renovations in Perth and the surrounding areas with you. We have several examples of eco renovations right near Perth in Karrinyup!