Do I Qualify To Subdivide?

Do I Qualify To Subdivide?

So, you want to subdivide? Working out do I qualify to subdivide is the first step. Secondly what do you want to do? Even if you are going to run this project yourself, you should be able to explain in no uncertain terms, what it is you want to do. Even if you aren’t the one running the project and you hire Unique Residence to run the subdivision project for you, you will need to have several conversations with our project managers about the subdivision process in Perth.

Getting back to the start. Can the property in question be subdivided? You may need to do some research to get the answer and you may or may not like what you find out. Maybe the project will cost more than it is worth, making it not feasible. Why? We don’t know until we figure it all out. What is the cost for the subdivision project? Subdivision costs can run high if you do not have an expert builder running the project. Subdivisions Perth is part of the Unique Residence expertise. We can give you the skinny on the dollar amounts.

The best way to start looking at a subdivision project is by visiting the site which along with the WAPC (Western Australia Planning commission) outlines information about subdivisions, plans, policies and applications that you will need along the way. I’m sure you can see so far that having a Project Manager from Unique Residence to deal with all of this and more is probably a good idea.


Ask any engineer, can there ever be too much planning? In the eyes of your local council, licensed surveyor or town planner, the answer is a resounding No! Planning is one of the single most important parts of the process. Why you ask? Well, planning prevents errors, planning prevents someone miscalculating borders and crossing lines into neighboring properties. Planning avoids zoning errors. It allows you the luxury of trying different scenarios on paper before you put shovel to dirt and commit to one. It also makes sure you work smarter, not harder. At Unique Residence, we have subdivision planning experts; subdivision licensed and registered surveyors, experienced project managers and a support staff that will back them up should they need it.


Home Subdivisions Perth

In addition to the WAPC, there will be other agencies that must review your plan, such as the local government, water and power. Each will have to give their stamp of approval before the WAPC will provide theirs. There will be a list of responsibilities that must be met in order for the WAPC to even entertain the possibility of this project. Do you want to attempt to gain the approvals necessary, arrange for demolition, removal of same and notifications to proper authorities’ neighbors or do you want someone on the team of your Project Manager handling all of that?

Survey says…

Your property must be surveyed again by a licensed and registered surveyor that will establish boundary lines for new boundaries, allowing the creation of separate land titles. It’s easy to say, but a little harder to do.

After complying with clearances for each requirement, data will be collected to present to the WAPC as evidence of the completion. If you think you are organized, think again. This is what our Support Staff at Unique Residence handles on a daily basis. We are ready to handle each and every piece of paper, request, approval,  audit, release, approval, revision, denial, revision, approval that comes out of this project, all with a smile.

OK, so let’s review just in case you are still thinking about going this project alone, on your own…so far we have discussed the following experts in the subdivision process…

  • Project Manager
  • Licensed/Registered Surveyor
  • Local Council Representative
  • Town Planner
  • Local Government Representative
  • Water Agency Representative
  • Electrical Agency Representative
  • Demolition and Removal Experts
  • Someone qualified in Easements, Covenants and Notifications

That’s a lot to handle and that’s why Unique Residence is ready to take the reins on your project. Subdivisions are our business. Are you familiar with each type of expert above? Are you familiar with the process for each expert above and how and why they will look at your plan? Well, we are and we are able to interface with each on a level that they will completely understand. Sometimes each agency, each qualified individual that you will run across in the process of getting approval for this project has their own special sort of terms and version of what is said back and forth. We speak their language.

Hiring Perth Property Subdivision Specialists

Can you do this work yourself? Maybe; sorry that’s as positive as we can be without knowing your background. Most people who don’t normally deal with this on a daily basis will have unsuccessful outcomes. Feelings of frustration may set in. So hire Unique Residence, give us your idea, tell us what you want and let us make it a reality. Making dreams come true is part of the Unique Residence Perth Property Subdivision process.