Bathroom renovating ideas 2018

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Bathroom renovating ideas 2018

In 2018, some of the bathroom renovation options for North Perth that are on trend  include a Mediterranean Inspired look. When it comes to bathroom renovating ideas we are the experts. As reputable Perth renovators, we like to accomplish this look through the use of tile and colour. There is however, no substitute for classic design.

In North Perth storage is becoming more valued when designing a dream home. All clients love storage. We know this. Our best bathroom renovation ideas contain storage that while not obvious is all too practical and purposeful. Storage should be easily accessible and readily available.

Accessibility and ease of use are always concerns. Why go through a bathroom renovation, deal with the upheaval and discover that now you have to shimmy in sideways to gain access to the shower? At Unique Residence we are all about useful, purposeful, accessible spaces, designed with your comfort in mind.

Remember that classic design we mentioned? Well that has always included white and will continue to include white for the foreseeable future. White just never grows old. There is that old saying, “White is always right.” Mix in colour with accessories and various wood options.

Three dimensional tiles are hot, hot, hot! We love this because you can incorporate 3-D tiles into your white bathroom, creating texture and interest while remaining faithful to your white design aesthetic. It’s a win-win. Various colours are available.

Media and Music options continue to be popular. Various improvements are being made, shower heads with music, lighting and more. We also have mirrors that contain TV screens only visible when in use. There is no need for guests to know you like a long soak while watch TV!

Luxury items like in-floor heating and towel warmers are becoming more common-place in current bathroom renovations and we think that is great! We’ve been recommending them to our clients for years.

Deluxe shower options are a must. Where once whirlpool tubs were all the rage, now its rain and steam showers with multiple heads and massaging devices. The shower is king and there is no end in sight.

We are installing more mixed lighting options as well, not just lighting for makeup or task lighting, but mood lighting as well.

Last but not least and always a favorite are fire options. Nothing says luxury like soaking in a warm bubble bath and watching a crackling fire.  2018 is all about luxury and indulgence.

Don’t be afraid of pricing. We can work within any budget you set and give you ideas for all of them whether it is a complete gut-job or a minor touch-up. We are here to help and discuss your ideas with you and present our renovation ideas to you as well.

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