Adding a Second Storey To Your Home

The reality TV shows make it looks so easy. In reality, home renovations can plunge even the most savvy DIY’er  into debt and emotional turmoil.

How can you avoid that renovation nightmare?

We have the answer.


Get Your Second Storey Addition Starting  from $80k

Are you are running out of space, but don’t want to move?

  • Elevate your home with a custom designed & built second storey addition.
  • Create  your own special living areas with floor plans to suit your lifestyle.
  • Invest  in your existing home and add instant value for now and the future.

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Why build up?

Because its faster than the time it could take to sell your home, buy a new home and move in.
Our team of experienced designers and tradespeople can put your project together in no time at, get all the necessary approvals and get on with the job with the least amount of disruption.

It’s Affordable

It’s more affordable than building a new home and takes less than half the time. We have people you can talk to about finance.

Your Not a Number

Because we only build a few a year, you won’t get lost in the paperwork. Our clients are special to us and we will be there, talking to you right throughout the build.

We take care of everything, providing you a turn key project.
So once we finish, all you have to do is work out where you want to place your furniture.



Get A Second Storey Addition Starting  from $80k

A second storey addition can provides a whole new living space to an existing home.

  • Space: A second storey can almost double your exiting floor space.

  • Design:  We can help you design a complete new living area.

  • Lifestyle  A second storey provides opportunities to create new lifelstyle living spaces in your existing home.

Call us on 0411 960 870 to find out how easy we can make it happen.

Second Storey Additions

A second storey addition not only adds more space but creates a whole new look for your home. Lets face it, two storey homes can look impressive and more importantly can improve the sale value of your home by a significant amount.
We can provide you with design options you may have never considered, and more importantly our team of experienced builders will complete your work on time, on budget with the least amount of disruption.

Is It Really Affordable?

A second storey addition is more affordable than most people will realise. It is far cheaper than building a new home, especially when you consider the associated costs such as stamp duty, crossovers, establishing new gardens, home fittings etc.

It will take less than half the time and more importantly it saves you the costs associated with moving house.

If your not sure about the finance we can help there too as we have experienced finance people you can talk to.

The Benefits of Building With Us

We are a boutique builder. What does that mean to you?

Firstly it means we don’t have massive overheads that you have to help finance. We choose to take on a few select projects each year to ensure the people we build for receive a personalised and highly professional service.

For us it is important that when we complete a job our clients happy to refer us to others.

It’s one of the reason we won HIA awards for 2019.

We take care of everything, providing you a turn key project.
So once we finish, all you have to do is enjoy your new living spaces.



Renovated Bathroom – Up to $20,000
Renovated Kitchen $60,001 – $90,000


Renovated Bathroom $20,001 – $30,000
Renovated Bathroom
Renovated Kitchen



Upon request, we can arrange a private viewing from our portfolio of completed projects, the results will speak for themselves.

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