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Does your space have you cramped? Are you tired of staring at the same old tiles that you have been since the 80s?

Just like a tailor fits a suit, we custom fit your Perth Home Renovation to fit your space, your budget and most of all, your lifestyle. Working with our three tear system, we can offer you a large selection of fixtures and styles. Are movies your thing? Well, let’s talk about a possible home theatre then!

In any case, Unique Residence will come in, take ownership of the project and let you take a mental break from the stress of planning, designing and supervising the subs. Adam, the owner and builder is your first point on contact from start to finish of your Perth home renovation. We are experts in every aspect of your build, from the initial design process to long after the final touches, we are your trusting experts in home extensions Perth, WA. Let Unique Residence come up with your kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation or whole-home renovation plans. Planning and design is just a portion of the project. Remember, is all in the details! Luckily for you that is Adams main goal.

We’ve discussed Act I, planning and design. If Act I is the plan/design phase, then Act II is Demolition and rubbish removal! While not everyone loves demolition, we’ve put together groups of workers that are experts in their field! We don’t want you out there swinging a sledge hammer or spud bar, unless that’s what you want to do! Still, it’s all better left to the professionals at Unique Residence. Really, it’s more than just swinging a sledge, much more.  Each wall may have unique challenges and we are uniquely qualified to handle those home renovation challenges.  As the home owner these items may be there and you may use them every single day, but not everyone knows how to re-route electric, move water pipes out of the way or provide structural integrity even though they want to remove a wall or two. We do. Let us handle your project from start to finish.

We can have plans for new housing, whole-home renovations, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, car park, boat storage/lift renovations on your table in as little as four weeks, that come with council approval! Yes, we deal with the council approval so that you don’t have to. Our experts know exactly what is required to get your plans through council approval and will make sure that the approval process goes smoothly and does not affect your project’s time or budget to any extent that we can. This is our business. We know the in and the out of all of it!

Now on to Act III, putting it all back together! We know that looking at a blank space can be completely daunting. Some are just not able to see the design in their head, in place. Relax, we will put our experts to work on getting things back in place, one system at a time. It may look like chaos but each plan is a delicate dance of workers and projects. We are the choreographers. We know each step and the order they must follow. For instance in a bathroom renovation, we aren’t going to install cabinets before flooring or the flooring before the tub or shower. You have to know what order is the best order to work in for the project you are doing. Let us worry about that. We will gladly discuss each step and show you the process as we go. Call Unique Residence, Home Renovators in Perth, WA to proceed with your home addition or renovation. Let’s make this lifestyle change together!

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Adam Stanley

As a cabinetmaker, Adam gained an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, where a millimetre makes the difference between masterpiece and mediocre.
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