How to Make Kitchen Renovations on a Budget!

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I thought that finding kitchen renovations on a budget near me was an impossible task!

I got kitchen renovations on a budget!

Changes with Any Budget

Unique Residence offers everything from kitchen renovations on a budget to luxury kitchen renovations Perth! How do they do it? Well, they have been experts in the field of kitchen renovations Perth for many years. They know all the secrets to making Perth renovations affordable! Unique Residence can work within your budget small or large!

Gotta Haves

I wanted certain things or so I thought. I discussed all the things on my wish list with one of their designers. My champagne taste on a beer budget was nothing to be trifled with! They found helpful ways to save kitchen renovations costs on items I really didn’t need. I thought I wanted them but soon realized I didn’t need them!  It’s always helpful to speak with a designer to understand what is in what is out and what is a must do/have now!

Planning is Everything

At Unique Residence their designer went over space planning with me and discussed how to best use the space I have. I never really thought about how I used the kitchen. My kitchen renovations costs would have been out of this world had I used my original plan! I never gave any thought to the layout or design and making it functional as well as pretty.

The Classic

Kitchen renovations Perth have taken several different directions over the years and I truly wanted something that would stand the test of time without needing a renovation every couple of years to keep me up to date. I got what I asked for, classic lines, beautiful wood cabinets, and modern hardware that I love! They educated me on space planning, traffic patterns and accessibility! I’m so glad I called. Meeting with Unique Residence has been the highlight of my year of planning and decisions! Yes, I planned for a year before calling!  Check out some of their renovation ideas here:

Tools of the Trade

For kitchen renovations on a budget, the best kitchen renovations costs and flat out the best kitchen renovations Perth, call in the experts so that you can find out how to plan your next space effectively! Really, I’m working on my bathroom renovations plan right now! I’m using all the tools that they educated me about and planning it on my own. I’m confident that when the time comes, I’ll have the right plan for the job! Now that I know where to find kitchen renovations on a budget near me, I’m sure I can find bathroom renovations on a budget near me as well!

Check the blogs and the projects links below for our kitchen renovations before and after photos!

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