The Do’s and Dont’s of Renovating your Kitchen

Perth Kitchen Renovations

What’s in store for that kitchen renovation in 2018? Unique Residence has the answer! As kitchen renovators we look at function and form a close second. Everything in a kitchen has a purpose and function. It is one of the most high-traffic areas in any home. Unless you have a staff that cooks your meals and cleans your dishes and floors, you are going to be in the kitchen!  Let’s make that as pleasurable as possible.


In 2018 we are striving to integrate the kitchen more with the rest of the home.  What does that mean? Well, we are bringing in warmer, less stark finishes. We’re going to cozy things up a bit. No longer will each piece be regarded only for its function. Now we will look at esthetics as well. How does it look? How does it feel? Is it cold? Is it warm?

Who says you can’t have open shelving? Do you like cookbooks? Well let’s get them out of the library or worse yet, that box in storage and put them on display! The feeling for 2018 is that you should be surrounded with the items that make you happy and that also serve purpose in the kitchen.  Kitchens are taking on a more inviting, homey look than ever before.

Homey Kitchen Renovation

How do we accomplish this inviting/homey look? Well we do it through layout and finishing. We can use any basic layout that allows you to accomplish the tasks you desire and still warm it up a bit. However, we can also optimize your layout based on your needs. Perhaps a breakfast bar instead of an eat-in area? The breakfast bar is space-saving, additional counter space when needed and often we can fit storage underneath for those odd platters used only at holiday time or any number of pressure cookers, odd shaped items, and your blow torch for crème brulee! We can find a place or make a place to store it all. There are things we don’t mind seeing every day, but others that only need to make an appearance when in use!

At Unique Residence, we have the plans, the ideas and the expert staffing to provide you with the best Perth home renovation and kitchen renovation experience possible.  Allow us to discuss finishes that will warm your kitchen to your liking and make you feel like a welcomed visitor to a much loved space. Gone are the days of industrial, stark looking spaces that resemble operating rooms. Decorate your kitchen as you would any other space. We encourage you to be creative!


Talk to Perth Renovation Specialists

Call Unique Residence to speak to an expert about your desire for engineered quartz stone, granite or even marble. Whatever your desire, we can make it work or offer alternative suggestions if that is what you are interested in finding. We will work within your budget and often your time constraints to make this project happen. We don’t take on too many projects at one time or stretch ourselves too thin. Let’s make your project our first priority. Call Unique Residence to get the first class treatment you and your project deserve.

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Adam Stanley

As a cabinetmaker, Adam gained an appreciation for fine craftsmanship, where a millimetre makes the difference between masterpiece and mediocre.
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