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What are Granny Flats?

As builders Karrinyup, we see a lot of Granny Flat Extensions and Flats going in.  A Granny Flat is simply an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) built on the same block as a single-family dwelling. Why call it a granny flat? Well truthfully people find it’s a way to keep aging parents within reach for health or financial reasons. They can be kept close for care or visiting! The kids will get to see the grandparents more often!

So, now you know how the Granny Flat got is name and its original purpose. But, did you know that it now serves many purposes? As builders Karrinyup, we would be remiss if we didn’t discuss the various options for use with you.

What are Flat Extensions?

This is an extension added on to your home; really it’s an extra room! We can see the wheels turning in your mind….what will I do with an extra room? Check out some of our suggestions below as builders Karrinyup , we have seen a lot of flat extensions and granny flats used in a variety of ways!


Man Cave

Ladies, are you tired of having sports playing non-stop, guys playing cards in your dining room, smoking cigars, stinking it up? Well Unique Residence, builders Karrinyup have the solution! We say put them out in the Granny Flat! Guys, you’ll have your privacy for those late night card games, sporting events and TV sporting marathons!

Keep the mess out of your main house and enjoy the privacy and containment offered by a Granny Flat. Think of all the guy’s nights you can host! Don’t worry ladies; we’ve got plan that will excite you even more than these!


Are your in-laws aging but not yet ready for full time care? Are you parents looking to visit for longer and longer periods of time? Unique Residence, builders Karrinyup, has seen an upsurge in the amount of granny flats being built and the first and foremost reason is usually close to you housing for aging parents or even as guest housing while they consider the transition. In any case, your parents can have their privacy and you can have peace of mind. Think what would you do if your Mom or Dad got sick and lived in another state? How would you get back and forth to see to their care? Would they be cared for by strangers? It’s best that they are close so you can keep tabs on care takers, visit and have the kids visit often as well.

Grandparents that are not sick but still thinking into the future when there might be a time that they need your help will enjoy staying close at hand yet having their privacy. Builders Karrnyup are making strides to provide modern, sleek, clean spaces that rival main house living. After all, your parents want to be close but they don’t want to give up their standard of living and why should they?


Are your older kids still hanging around? And, why not? Nothing beats Mom’s home cooking! Seriously do you have an older child in University that is still in the main house? Are you longing for privacy? Adults living with adult parents can be difficult. You have your ways, they have theirs. Well Unique Residence, builders Karrinyup has the answer! How about the ultimate bachelor/bachelorette pad close to home?

The aesthetic can be in keeping with your current home, but inside you can let them go wild. Remember, you don’t have to look at it! Or, treat it as a lease and rent them the space. That way you know where your hard earned money is going, right back into your pocket! Just take the funding out of their monthly allowance for University living.

Small Business

Are you dreaming of that perfect place for your small business? Do you ever think about running a daycare out of your home? Kids, especially the small ones come with a lot of gear. Often couples are overwhelmed by the shear amount of stuff!  Here’s your chance to offload all that stuff into the granny flat, and start up your business. Maybe it’s not even a business. Maybe you are just babysitting for a friend or family member. The possibilities are endless. Containment is the key. Talk about a short commute!

Hobby Room

Longing for a place for that giant loom? Dreading the clean up each night that goes with your pottery crafting? Well then a granny flat or a flat extension is for you! Why do you always find the hobbies with massive amounts of gear and supplies? Worry no more! Now you can have your own hobby room, contain the mess and enjoy your work without the task of cleaning it up each night before you make or eat dinner!


Fellow Yogis unite! Now is the time to create that Zen space you have been dreaming of! We all try to find a place to relax, a calming, quiet place we enjoy. So, how about making this whole space into your Yoga studio? Why not? For years you’ve been cleaning, working, running around and now it’s time to give a little back to that body you’ve had use of all this time. Not to mention the mind! A place to rest the mind is never far away when you have your very own studio. Just ask Unique Residence, your builders, Karrinyup about a plan for your new studio space.


Are you currently saddled with a small kitchen? How about increasing the size of your current kitchen? Unique Residence, builders Karrinyup has done many kitchen renovations and additions. We have a lot of designs that may work for you. We can listen to your wants and needs and come up with a new design. Either way, a flat extension may be the way to go!

Perhaps instead of an actual kitchen renovation per say, you want to add an eating area with a bathroom off that? The flat extension may be just the way to go. In either case, let’s get together and discuss what it is you are looking for. Read on for even more suggestions as to how to use your new space!


As with any new build or renovation, there are requirements. And, you guessed it, Regulations do vary by location, so it’s best to consult with us so we can check all the requirements before doing any planning. We do know that you can have one granny flat and one studio per title of land. You can add an outdoor space to your flat as well, even a garage, but again requirements vary by location so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ve given you a lot to consider, so when you are ready, contact Unique Residence, builders Karrinyup to discuss it further. tel: 0411960870 We’re ready when you are!

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