Renovating Ideas 2018

Renovating Ideas 2018

As a Perth Licensed Builder, Unique Residence not only sees many trends in the Karrinyup Kitchen Renovations and Kitchen Renovations construction industry, but we are also setting some of the best trends of 2018.


Renovation ideas

White cabinets, quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances can all count themselves among the timeless choices still on trend for 2018.  Let’s face it, white goes with everything. Stainless steel appliances have made amazing advances over the years and now boast the latest technology that makes them resist fingerprints. 


In addition to the standards, we are seeing smart home technology make its way into the kitchen with faucets that simply require a wave to turn on our off, LED lighting that saves you money all day, every day and designs that are more open and welcoming.

Pet-friendly spaces are another big ask that we encounter often. Pets are part of the family and they are treated as such. Not only do people use their large sinks to bathe their young children, but they are using them to bathe their small dogs as well!

Multi-function islands of a single level are also on trend this year. With less upper cabinetry, you need storage space and what better place to put all that stuff than in the island. In addition, we are seeing more under counter appliances that will not interrupt your view. Induction cooking is also a hot item!

Kitchen renovation ideas are abundant and we love to share, so feel free to visit our blog or check out our site to view on-going projects.  As Perth licensed builders, we have many renovation ideas to share and we can offer ideas to fit your budget that will meet your needs.

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